Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lobster Mini-Season

Did you come down to the Keys to get some lobster? 

The annual 2-day "mini lobster season" frenzy has come to a close and it looks like most folks did pretty well. 

If you missed out on the early fun, you can still come down and get your freebies because the regular season opens August 6th and runs through March 31st. 

It's been my experience that there are still plenty of easy-to-get lobsters through the month of October. After that, the commercial fishermen will have put a good dent in the population so it becomes a bit more difficult to find them.

If you are looking for lobsters, the important thing to remember is that they move around every night. Just because a likely looking place has been cleaned out doesn't mean they are gone for good. Good cover is good cover. Wait a few days and you might be surprised. 

Gas prices have reduced the numbers of people visiting in the Keys so if you want to visit now is a great time and there are some good deals out there.