Thursday, January 6, 2011

Important News on Turnpike Tolls

Starting mid February all turnpike tolls between Exit 47 and Exit 1 (a primary route to the Keys) will be collected electronically... no more cash lines... no more stopping.

Tolls will be collected with the SunPass (a prepaid toll program) or with TOLL-BY-PLATE which is a system that photographs each vehicle license plate and mails a bill.

Vacationers traveling in their own cars can purchase a mini-SunPass sticker via mail before their trip for $4.99 and receive the cost back in toll credits. The pass is available at major Florida retailers and Turnpike service plazas or visit or call 1-888-865-5352.

For visitors renting cars in Florida, most major rental companies have programs allowing you to use the TOLL-BUY-PLATE system. Tolls and service fees are automatically charged to the same credit card used to rent the vehicle. For more details including pricing options and participating rental car agencies, visit