Monday, December 8, 2008

The Midlife Slam

Turning the BIG 5-0 can be a life changing event. Some people buy a sports car, some have an affair, others buy a Harley and hit the road.

Field & Stream Magazine editor Mike Toth decided the best therapy for him was to invent the "midlife slam" and try to catch fifty different species of fish in less than a week. Wow!

There are not many places to accomplish such a feat so easily as the Florida Keys and specifically here in Islamorada, the Sportfishing Capital of the World. Mike easily met his goal and you can read all about it in the December issue of Field & Stream.

My point in bringing this to your attention is that Islamorada is possibly the best place on the planet for fishing and we (as a destination) do a poor job of promoting the family aspect of fishing here. Way too much emphasis is placed on tournaments, fly-fishing and world records.

The truth is you don't have to know anything about fishing to have a great time with the whole family on the water and it can be done on just about any budget. If you have any interest at all in going fishing, you really ought to let us help you set something up.