Friday, December 21, 2007

The Best Eco Tour in the Keys

If you want to go fishing, most people know we have world class guides and world class fishing. If you want to go snorkeling or diving we have the only living coral reef in North America and plenty of dive shops to take you there.

But what about eco-tourism and sight seeing? When you come to visit the Keys, you are in the middle of a National Marine Sanctuary, and right in our backyard is Everglades National Park, the most unique ecosystem in the world.

There's an outfitter in Islamorada who specializes in kayaking called Backcountry Cowboy. They have a really cool retail store with everything you could possibly need for kayaking and outdoor adventure but more importantly, they offer some really great guided kayak tours. The basic ones like the Backcountry Nature Tour and the Sunset Trip are inexpensive and close-in near the main islands; nice short trips to have a look around.

The ones that interest me the most are the Everglades Day Trips and Everglades Adventure Trips. You just can't beat this deal. For $120 they provide everything (including top of the line kayaks) for an unforgettable professional guided tour through the Everglades wilderness. The "Everglades Day Trip" is a guided three-quarter day trip to places where fish have never seen a lure. They also offer overnight trips for the more adventurous and more experienced paddlers.

With some back-country fishing trips now topping $500, this is a true bargain. Looking for something to remember, something adventurous, something different? This is a great choice and don't forget your camera!


Liz said...

Dear Jim, We are coming to the Keys for three days in April. Where is the best place to go kayaking with two 10 and 12 year old girls? We are also looking for cottage or cabin accomadations...ant suggestions?
Thanks, Liz from Michigan

Jim said...

Hi Liz,
Most of the resorts have kayaks available for fun paddling around their immediate area. If you want a guided tour to see some neat stuff (or rent and take them to a better area), I recommend you contact Backcountry Cowboy (use the provided link). They can also fill you in on all the best locations. They are the experts!

If you are looking for accommodations, we have nice little cottages at Pines & Palms. Most have one-bedroom, plus a kitchen, and pull-out sofa. We also offer larger cottages, up to three-bedrooms. You can use the link on the blog or call 800-624-0964. We also have kayaks available.

Thanks Liz from Michigan (I'm originally from Michigan too!)