Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wanna go Sword Fishing?

Come on... this looks like a shot right out of a Zane Grey photo album! But no, this is right here right now in Islamorada.

Our sword fishing has gained a ton of well deserved national press and Richard Stanczyk out of Bud n Mary's is the one who discovered the secret of catching these behemoths in broad daylight.

If you want to catch one of these, go see Richard at Bud n Mary's marina or contact us at Pines & Palms Resort. They are now selling all-day 12 hour charters specifically targeting swordfish. It's a long day... instead of a charter, it really should be called an adventure!

This is a photo of the results of a trip from last Thursday. Not all charters are this productive (the fish in the foreground is over 400 pounds) but catching at least one swordfish is now common place in Islamorada and you'll be looking for dolphin and tuna along the way.

Ever wonder why Islamorada is called the Sportfishing Capital of the World? Every fish in this hemisphere can be caught in our waters! With all the opportunity here... the hardest part is deciding what you want to fish for!


sergio said...

We are an italian family that have discovered fla keys and islamorada last november but only for a couple of days during a cruise.....I have one question: is the resort open for the christmas/new years eve holydays?
what is the weather in december/january?it's also good for diving/snorkeling? We are based on miami by friend and want discovered better the keys and islamorada...

sergio capiotto

Jim said...

Hi Sergio, the resort never closes. We are open 365 days per year. December and January offer very nice weather with highs in the 80's F, and low in the upper 60's F. Please contact me through email available on our web site at so I can help you with more specific questions.