Saturday, March 12, 2011

New Bonefish Rules Possible

People come from all over the world to try to catch the elusive Islamorada Bonefish. You can find them all over the world but Islamorada is home to some of the largest specimens on the planet.

It's big business here. A recent study by the University of Miami estimates the value of each Florida Keys Bonefish to be about $3500 per year or nearly $75,000 over it's lifespan.

This may be one of the reasons the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is proposing new fishing regulations. The proposal would eliminate the one-fish daily bag limit and allow only catch and release fishing. Seems like a good plan. I don't know of anybody who would keep one unless it was some kind of record.

Apparently the new rules would allow temporary possession of a Bonefish for photographs or for weigh-ins at tournaments.

FWC board Chairman Rodney Barreto is quoted as saying "These proposed rules will further protect bonefish populations in South Florida, while providing anglers with opportunities to document a record catch and enjoy the exciting action of bonefish fishing tournaments."

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