Thursday, November 1, 2007

Florida Bay Maps

If you are planning on fishing the backcountry (Florida Bay), you will need a good map. The best are from Waterproof Charts. The one I use most frequently is #33E. It shows an overview of all of Florida Bay and most of the cuts.

Another good one is #6F. If you don't want to venture too far in, it provides a view of about 6 miles out with the added advantage of about 6 miles out on the ocean side too (lots of great reef fishing).

If you do fish the other side of the Bay, chart #39 gives a close up view to about 4 miles out from East of Flamingo all the way around the corner to Shark River. You'll also see plenty of cuts and rivers penetrating into the everglades.

If you like to fish further out into the Gulf, chart # #03 is a good one.


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