Monday, November 5, 2007

Stone Crab Season

The best thing from the waters of the Florida Keys are the Stone Crabs. The season started October 15th and runs through May 15. No need to pay the high restaurant prices for these sweet ocean treats. Go to a local fish market like the Islamorada Fish Company and buy them by the pound. You'll need a wooden mallet to crack the claws and don't forget the honey mustard sauce. Sooo good!

You can also have them shipped across the country by visiting the Islamorada Fish Company web site. The photo above shows fresh Stone Crab claws shipped all the way to Chicago from Islamorada for Thanksgiving. They arrived via overnight delivery, fresh and delicious... mallet and honey mustard sauce included!


Anonymous said...

What is the most informational source for Stone Crab fishing for fun? thanks

Jim said...

There really isn't a way to easily fish for Stone Crabs. They are caught from traps in the shallow water surrounding the islands. I'm not sure, but I think you can have 6 traps per person as long as you follow all the rules. After that, it's a ton of work... baiting the traps and checking them on a regular basis, etc. Much better to buy some and let the commercial guys do all the work.

Charles said...

I live in Sarasota. The stone crab claws in the Florida Keys taste a lot better than they do here. I never pay restaurant prices. I buy them from markets and eat them at picnic tables on the water. Dining with a view. I usually get 4-5 pounds of jumbo claws and pig out. It doesn't get any better. Great blog. All the best.